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Graduate Program

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Michigan Tech
Graduate School

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The Faculty and Their Research

Juergen Bierbrauer
PhD, Mainz University, Germany
Combinatorics, cryptology, algebra

Huann-Sheng Chen
Associate Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Statistical genetics, survival data analysis, applied and computational statistics

Jianping Dong
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
PhD, New York University
Statistical genetics, categorical data analysis, nonparametric smoothing

Thomas D. Drummer
PhD, University of Wyoming
Statistical ecology, model-based sampling, applications of statistics to wildlife management

Lee Erlebach
Associate Professor
PhD, University of Washington
2-Person game theory

Kathleen A. Feigl
PhD, Illinois Institute of Technology
Modeling and simulating viscoelastic flows, computational rheology, finite element methods for fluids, micro-macro simulations, interfacial phenomena

Clark Givens
MS, The University of Michigan
Applied linear algebra, signal processing, differential geometry, mathematical physics

Mark S. Gockenbach
Professor and Department Chair
PhD, Rice University
Inverse problems, computational optimization, mathematical software

Renfang Jiang
PhD, Columbia University
Group theory, low-dimensional topology, statistical genetics

Melissa Keranen
Assistant Professor
PhD, Michigan Technological University

Todd King
Associate Professor
PhD, University of Wyoming
Mechanical Engineering

Robert W. Kolkka
Associate Professor; Adjunct Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering;
Director, Fluids Research Oriented Group
PhD, Lehigh University
Bifurcation and stability theory, viscoelasticity, non-Newtonian
fluid mechanics, polymer rheology, constitutive equations

Donald L. Kreher
PhD, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Combinatorics, computational combinatorics, combinatorial designs, coding theory, algorithms, cryptography

Gilbert N. Lewis
Associate Professor
PhD, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Asymptotics, singular perturbations, numerical solutions of ordinary differential equations, boundary value problems, cosmology

Yolanda Muñoz Maldonado
Assistant Professor
PhD, Texas A&M University
Statistics with emphasis on the areas of functional data analysis,
linear models, Kalman filter and multivariate analysis

Phillip Merkey
Assistant Professor
Director of Computational Science and Engineering degree program
PhD, University of Illinois
Computational Science and Engineering

Tamara Olson
Associate Professor
PhD, New York University
Applied mathematics, continuum mechanics, composites

Iosif Pinelis
PhD, Institute of Mathematics - Novosibirsk, Russia
Probability and statistics

Ying Sha
Assistant Professor
PhD, Michigan Technological University
Statistical Genetics

Ethan S. Smith
Assistant Professor
PhD, Clemson University
Number theory

Shari Stockero
Assistant Professor
PhD, Western Michigan University
Mathematical Education

Allan A. Struthers
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
Applied mathematics, continuum mechanics, constitutive theory, phase transitions

Franz X. Tanner
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Applied mathematics, computational reacting multiphase
flows, scientific computing, optimal control

Vladimir D. Tonchev
DMSc, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; PhD, University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Algorithms, computing, coding theory, combinatorics, finite geometry

Haiying Wang
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Minnesota
Numerical analysis and Scientific Computing

Wenjun Ying
Assistant Professor
PhD, Duke University
Applied mathematics, scientific computing and numerical simulations

Fabrizio Zanello
Assistant Professor
PhD, Queens University, Canada
Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Combinatorics

Le (Adam) Zhang
Assistant Professor
PhD, Louisiana Tech University
Bioinformatics, computational biology, modeling and simulation

Shuanglin Zhang
PhD, Beijing University
Bioinformatics, statistical genetics, nonparametric function
estimation, wavelets


Michigan Technological University is an equal opportunity
educational institution/equal opportunity employer.

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