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Ghost Crystals
Fun with Ecology Use of Microscopes
Dehydrating Sucrose
Creatures in Torch Lake
Specific Heat of a Metal
Acids, Bases, and pH
Papermaking Chromatography
Solutions, Solutes, and Solvents
Types of Reactions
A Botanist's View
Acids and Bases
Chromatography Masses and Weights
Floating Paper Clips
Photosynthesis Electricity
The Challenge of Ice and Water
Stomata Magnetism
Acidity of Soda Pop
The Earth's Magnetic Field
Skewering Balloons
Tuned in:  Tuning Forks and Sine Waves
Cation Separation and Identification
Tuned in:  Tuning Forks and Sine Waves Investigating Motion
Iron Filings Lab
Investigating Motion Skittles and Springs
Observations and Chemical Reactions
Using the CBR Elasticity of Gases
H2O2 Decomposition I
Skittles and Springs Egg Measurement
H2O2 Decomposition II
Cold Versus Warm Water
Chemical Volcano
Easter Bunny Meets Vacuum Pump
Disappearing Rainbow
Erosion and Weathering Galvanic Cells
Swinging Electrons
Volcano Demonstration Swinging Electrons
Atomic Balloons
Rock and Mineral Demonstration Atomic Balloons
Can or Bottle Crusher
The Earth's Magnetic Field Balloon in a Flask
Spectraphotometry of Food Dyes
2-D Motion
Boiling Water with Ice
Floating Penny
Tuned in:  Tuning Forks and Sine Waves Force
Quick Freeze
Investigating Motion Vector
Using the CBR Velocity
Shrinking Balloons
Skittles and Springs
Sodium in Water
Galvanic Cells
Coin-operated Reaction
Heat of Fusion of Ice
Balloon in a Flask
Elephant Toothpaste